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11.03.2019 /2: What’s Up, Estonia?

Years ago, when I used to “blog” into a small, black diary much like we do nowadays over the internet, I usually ended my travel with a closure-type text where I would moan about having to go back home, back to the normal life. You know that post-holiday blues. Continue reading “11.03.2019 /2: What’s Up, Estonia?”

11.03.2019 /1: Review – The Tallink Express Hotel


The Tallink Express Hotel is a good option for those travelling with a budget, and to those who are willing to stay further away from the Tallinn’s beautiful Old Town.

The hotel is conveniently situated near the Tallinn Harbour’s A-terminal, which is not where the Tallink ships dock. If you are travelling from Stockholm or Helsinki with a Tallink cruise liner, you have to either walk about 15 minutes or take a taxi from the D-terminal. Continue reading “11.03.2019 /1: Review – The Tallink Express Hotel”

10.03.2019 /3: Dinner Buffet at Tempo @ Tallink Express

As persons who don’t eat everything on the menu (mainly pork and its derivates), we are a tad sceptical when it comes to preordering a buffet. We did it already as part of our holiday package, as I thought it would be slightly cheaper at that time. Everybody knows how the hotel prices are, expensive. Continue reading “10.03.2019 /3: Dinner Buffet at Tempo @ Tallink Express”

10.03.2019 /2: Cappuccino At Nord Coffee At Nautica Shopping Center

We are positively surprised that Tallinn seems to be the odd bird out when it comes to hitching up the prices in the areas where the tourists go. Or it might also be misleading as nowadays we just hang out in the areas where the tourists go when we come to Tallinn. Continue reading “10.03.2019 /2: Cappuccino At Nord Coffee At Nautica Shopping Center”

09.03.2019 /2: Evening Meal at the III Draakon

The III Draakon, a small mediaeval tavern located at the Old Town Square is a gem in itself, and our favourite haunt whenever we are in Tallinn. Apparently, according to the staff, there has been a tavern there ever since the town hall was built, so it would be hundreds of years. And maybe it is so! A piece of living history! Continue reading “09.03.2019 /2: Evening Meal at the III Draakon”

09.03.2019 /1: To Tallinn

One of the good things of living in Finland is the favourite pastime of taking a cruise to one of the neighbouring countries. We could choose from Sweden and Estonia, and this time we chose the southern neighbour as we haven’t been there for the longest time.

We bought a cruise + hotel package for two nights and the cost was only 160€ for the two of us! I find it positively surprising that bought directly from tallinksilja.fi was actually much cheaper than purchasing the cruise and accommodation separately. Continue reading “09.03.2019 /1: To Tallinn”

Day 7: Riga – Tallinn – Helsinki

The last day of our road trip and as Riga is the last stop before heading back to Tallinn and boarding the ship back to Helsinki, Finland we have a bit of extra time to see the Old Town in daylight as well. Continue reading “Day 7: Riga – Tallinn – Helsinki”

Day 5: Warsaw, Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania

One thing that we have seen a few times already over this trip is that cities and towns look completely different during day and evening! Daytime reveals more colours and details from the buildings, but when it’s dark there usually is more artificial lights making the places magical in a very different way. And Warsaw isn’t exception to this rule. If there is something different, it is the grandness of the buildings that wasn’t exactly clear during our drive and walk last evening! Any city with such big buildings that can’t properly fit one photo reserves our respect! Continue reading “Day 5: Warsaw, Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania”

Day 4: Gdansk to Warsaw

Today it’s time to say goodbye to a beautiful city of Gdańsk and head to Warsaw. We considered a few routes, but decided on a slower one as it didn’t have a toll. Road tolls are something that we don’t really like, even though it is a suitable way to keep the motorways in working order. The reason why I personally detest them is that, as a tourist, there is never a clear information how to pay the toll. We have had troubles with them beforehand, and now we try to avoid the toll roads as much as we can.

Continue reading “Day 4: Gdansk to Warsaw”