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11.03.2019 /2: What’s Up, Estonia?

Years ago, when I used to “blog” into a small, black diary much like we do nowadays over the internet, I usually ended my travel with a closure-type text where I would moan about having to go back home, back to the normal life. You know that post-holiday blues. Continue reading “11.03.2019 /2: What’s Up, Estonia?”

11.03.2019 /1: Review – The Tallink Express Hotel


The Tallink Express Hotel is a good option for those travelling with a budget, and to those who are willing to stay further away from the Tallinn’s beautiful Old Town.

The hotel is conveniently situated near the Tallinn Harbour’s A-terminal, which is not where the Tallink ships dock. If you are travelling from Stockholm or Helsinki with a Tallink cruise liner, you have to either walk about 15 minutes or take a taxi from the D-terminal. Continue reading “11.03.2019 /1: Review – The Tallink Express Hotel”

09.03.2019 /1: To Tallinn

One of the good things of living in Finland is the favourite pastime of taking a cruise to one of the neighbouring countries. We could choose from Sweden and Estonia, and this time we chose the southern neighbour as we haven’t been there for the longest time.

We bought a cruise + hotel package for two nights and the cost was only 160€ for the two of us! I find it positively surprising that bought directly from tallinksilja.fi was actually much cheaper than purchasing the cruise and accommodation separately. Continue reading “09.03.2019 /1: To Tallinn”

Day 7: Riga – Tallinn – Helsinki

The last day of our road trip and as Riga is the last stop before heading back to Tallinn and boarding the ship back to Helsinki, Finland we have a bit of extra time to see the Old Town in daylight as well. Continue reading “Day 7: Riga – Tallinn – Helsinki”

Day 1: Helsinki, Finland to Kaunas, Lithuania

Let’s Say It Was Very Foggy? (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

Is there anything better than waking up in the wee hours of the morning? Actually no, especially when you know it is time for another one of your trips! The plan today is to take a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, spend some time there before turning the nose of the car towards Kaunas in Lithuania, which will be our first stop on this roadtrip.

Continue reading “Day 1: Helsinki, Finland to Kaunas, Lithuania”

10.-16.12.2017: Via Baltica to Poland

It is time for another of our Roadtrips (with a capital R). As I only managed to get a week of leave from work this close to Christmas, we had to plan carefully and decide which would be the furthest where we could comfortably drive to. As Berlin, in Germany, would have been pushing it a bit, we decided on Poland. Getting there would allow us to see Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the way.

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