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02.03.2018 /1: Sea & Wave Dos Aceras (apartment)

This time we didn’t book our accommodation through AirBnB, but found a good deal from hotels.com! When we book accommodations we tend to take a bit more time to see different options, and myself I haven’t yet learned how to use trivago.

So this time we stayed at Sea & Wave Dos Aceras, an apartment quite conveniently located near the heart of the old town. At first we were a bit apprehensive as the apartment we got was on the ground floor – fantastic for luggage, not so fantastic if you are not properly dressed and want to keep the curtains open. However, the main windows are not on that kind of level where it would be easy to peer in, so we wouldn’t have needed to worry about anyone peeping.

The apartment has a fully functional kitchen, which we hardly used, nicely finished bathroom and a shower, living room area and bedroom area. As it was a bit chilly at this time of the year, we used the air conditioner to give us a bit of a heat during the nights.

Next time we are going to stay here we do need to remember to get something to get rid of the mosquitoes!

Our rating: ****

The raining is based on the location, convenience of food shopping, and eating. Also during check-in, the lady checking us in gave us a ton of valuable tips, some of which you have seen realised in our blog texts!