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19.05.2019: Enjoying the Sun

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If you are in Spain, on the Costa del Sol, it is almost mandatory to be on the beach at some point. Some people spend the whole holiday on the beaches here, and it is no wonder! They used to have the Blue Flag standard on about every beach from Málaga to Marbella, but some of the beaches lost the accreditation, and depending on the sources, it was because of bad planning of the local infrastructure and waste water management (official reason) or delayed forwarding of the submitted application (local reason).

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

The definitive good thing is that nowadays you can rent a beach lounger that is actually of a good quality. The prices might be a bit steep, but at the same time, some of them come with lock box and everything, so that all of you can go and swim at the same time without having to hide your phones and all in the sand under your towels.

Ponytails! (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

But have to say that the temperature of the Mediterranean water wasn’t still very warm. It was ok for walking there and letting the waves crash on your legs, but going for a swim.. in about a month for me.