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There is a lot of Moorish influences in the older buildings in Andalucia, and Mercado de Atarazanas, the central market in Málaga is definitely one testament to the Muslim architecture. We have been to Mercado de Atarazanas during our previous trip to Málaga as well, but didn’t quite remember how fabulous the place actually is. […]

Towards the evening we found this small cafe, which was again well hidden on the main streets of Torremolinos and decided to have some light snack before heading back to the hotel. Rosco’s is a small cafe, where they serve basically the normal pastries that you can find all around the town, but what makes […]

It’s the second day here in Spain – and I have to say that I feel the stress slowly, very slowly, draining away. So slowly, in fact, that I sleep like a baby for over 11 hours whilst Jules starts to get ready. The initial plan was to head out to Malaga today, but as […]

As our flight arrived early and we didn’t really feel like going all the way to Malaga with our bags, and as our hotel check-in time was relatively late, at 14.00 in the afternoon, we had some time to kill after arriving Torremolinos. As we decided to sit down and have a much awaited coffee […]

⭐⭐ Norwegian is one of the biggest low-cost airlines in Europe and we have flown with them many times in the past, before recently having moved to fly with another airline more and more. Because of this it was a refreshing change to come back and test a direct flight from Helsinki to Malaga. One […]

Wake up is at 4 am and when one is trying to remember who and where one is, it all comes back! It’s time for another trip. This time we are heading to Spain, to Costa del Sol and Málaga area. Compares to the last trip, this is going to be a bit different experience […]

Years ago, when I used to “blog” into a small, black diary much like we do nowadays over the internet, I usually ended my travel with a closure-type text where I would moan about having to go back home, back to the normal life. You know that post-holiday blues.

⭐⭐⭐ The Tallink Express Hotel is a good option for those travelling with a budget, and to those who are willing to stay further away from the Tallinn’s beautiful Old Town. The hotel is conveniently situated near the Tallinn Harbour’s A-terminal, which is not where the Tallink ships dock. If you are travelling from Stockholm […]

As persons who don’t eat everything on the menu (mainly pork and its derivates), we are a tad sceptical when it comes to preordering a buffet. We did it already as part of our holiday package, as I thought it would be slightly cheaper at that time. Everybody knows how the hotel prices are, expensive.