Category: Via Baltica to Poland, 2017

The last day of our road trip and as Riga is the last stop before heading back to Tallinn and boarding the ship back to Helsinki, Finland we have a bit of extra time to see the Old Town in daylight as well.

Due to the extremely long and exhausting drive yesterday, we simply didn’t have the strength to head out for any Christmas Markets at all. Besides, it was raining, which kind of didn’t improve the energy at all. But not all is lost! As today’s drive will be significantly shorter, we take some time and go […]

One thing that we have seen a few times already over this trip is that cities and towns look completely different during day and evening! Daytime reveals more colours and details from the buildings, but when it’s dark there usually is more artificial lights making the places magical in a very different way. And Warsaw […]

Today it’s time to say goodbye to a beautiful city of Gdańsk and head to Warsaw. We considered a few routes, but decided on a slower one as it didn’t have a toll. Road tolls are something that we don’t really like, even though it is a suitable way to keep the motorways in working […]

Good morning from Gdansk! First time we woke up at six when Mika decided that we have slept enough and he wants to go out for his business (I’m sure every parent knows this), so we get dressed and out we go. After this interlude in cold weather we go back to bed and sleep […]

When you first wake up on your holiday, sometimes you get the feeling that you are not exactly sure where you are and maybe the things you did yesterday were just a dream. Well, that didn’t happen to us. We were well aware where we were, and that we were on a holiday and had […]

Is there anything better than waking up in the wee hours of the morning? Actually no, especially when you know it is time for another one of your trips! The plan today is to take a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, spend some time there before turning the nose of the car towards Kaunas in […]

It is time for another of our Roadtrips (with a capital R). As I only managed to get a week of leave from work this close to Christmas, we had to plan carefully and decide which would be the furthest where we could comfortably drive to. As Berlin, in Germany, would have been pushing it a bit, we decided on Poland. Getting there would allow us to see Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the way.