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Bringing The Dog To Ireland

Can you stop the photos already, Daddy, I would like some cheese already. (C)Two Queens Travel Blog

As it so happens and the Two Queens have also a Little Price as part of the family, we see it important to tell you a bit of relocating to another country with your beloved pet.


We finally arrived to Dublin with Mika, our miniature poodle, and as everything didn’t go as planned we thought it might be better to share some of the experiences for you to be aware of. Continue reading “Bringing The Dog To Ireland”

The Difficulty of Finding Work

Ireland. (C)Two Queens Travel Blog

In the previous blog I wrote about getting registered as a nurse in Ireland and there was a bit of the relocation part. As there has been requests to know more about the relocation, I decided to share some of the experiences we had whilst waiting for the registration to be complete, when I tried to apply for other jobs as well to make the relocation as painless as possible.

Continue reading “The Difficulty of Finding Work”

Be a Registered Nurse in Ireland?

This blog text concerns mainly those nurses who have their qualifications from an EU country. If you come from outside EU or your qualifications date back to pre-EU, you need to consult the first and foremost.

Sunset drive to Dingle. (C) Two Queens Travel Blog

As a EU citizen it is relatively easy to get registered to work as a Nurse in Ireland. Especially when your qualifications are from the EU era. Whilst going through the registration process myself, I realised that there is a need to write about this. There are many of us out there who have the interest to do nursing in other EU countries as well, and this might save you some try-and-errors. For me, the registration process was an easy one, but I strongly recommend that you take some extra time to avoid those awful gray hairs that a rushed process can cause. Do not leave the starting of the process to the point when you have paid for those one-way tickets to Ireland unless your spouse is going to support the whole family there. Continue reading “Be a Registered Nurse in Ireland?”

Sairaanhoitajaksi Irlantiin?

Jos olet töissä hoitoalalla ja suunnittelet muuttoa Irlantiin, on tämä blogiposti ehdottomasti lukemisen arvoinen. Itse, asiaa suunnitellessani ja toteuttaessani törmäsin erääseenkin aiheesta kiinnostuneeseen suomalaiseen sairaanhoitajaan. Päätin siis kirjoittaa tämän tiedoksi niille, jotka sitä suunnittelevat. Lukiessani ensimmäistä kertaa NMBI:n ohjeistusta rekisteröitymisestä, olin hivenen kauhuissani: piti toimittaa vaikka ja mitä ja kirjoittaa kaavaketta toisensa perään, mutta onneksi totuus oli toisenlainen. Continue reading “Sairaanhoitajaksi Irlantiin?”