Category: Imatra, Finland 2018

It definitely would have been faster to go back following the same route we took when we drove to Imatra, but as it was Midsummer we opted for a slower, more scenic route to follow.

Ever since the late 18th Century Imatra and the Imatrankoski Rapids have been a place to visit. The visitors include numerous amounts of the so-called normal people, and also such famous visitors as Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, and Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil. But is it a mere coincidence? Because even in the Kalevala, […]

Waking up to a Midsummer day after a cold, rainy, and windy Midsummer Eve, we quite didn’t plan to travel near the eastern border of Finland just for evening tea. As the day progressed, we decided that we want to do something, and not just sit around musing why there isn’t anything much to do […]