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14.05.2019: Reviewing Norwegian for Holidays


Norwegian at Malaga (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

Norwegian is one of the biggest low-cost airlines in Europe and we have flown with them many times in the past, before recently having moved to fly with another airline more and more. Because of this it was a refreshing change to come back and test a direct flight from Helsinki to Malaga. One of the biggest factors of course was the price of the flight.

The Price

One of the main selling points for us this time was the price of the tickets as we didn’t plan to take any cargo luggage with us and when it comes to current prices of putting luggage to cargo hold, Borwegian is still one of the most affordable ones there is.

A Norwegian Cabin (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

Check-In Process

Check-in for this flight was easy and convenient to do, as we did it online. One major hiccup for me was when I logged into my Norwegian account and didn’t see my flight there. Every time I had to go through a search to find the flight details (as the tickets were bought by my husband).

And one major turn off was that we were no longer allowed to pick our seats as part of the check-in process. Now one has to really purchase a seat, otherwise it will be assigned to you. It was a tad annoying.

Otherwise than that, the process went smoothly and might have been even smoother had I downloaded their app beforehand.

Services Onboard

It was the services during the flight that made us go “meh”. Had we pre ordered meals, it would have arrived without any drinks whatsoever and during the drinks sales service.

This would have been ok, if Norwegian accepted debit cards. Neither of us hasn’t got an Electron or an online debit card, but one of those with embossed numbers and letters, and this far Norwegian is the only airline that we have used in recent times where this debit card is an issue.

Which blatantly meant that it was a 4 hours flight without anything to drink or snack as the card wasn’t accepted and as a Finn, I hardly ever carry cash with me (which leads to situations in other countries…).

Another issue that was a definite worsening of Norwegian’s service is the introduction of “premium internet packages”. You still can get the free internet as before but Norwegian seems to have blocked all social media from it (apps and websites), as it is clear they want to charge people when using those. The basic, free, internet only allows web browsing with a very slow connection.

Spain From Above. (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

The Verdict

As much as we prefer direct flights over layovers, and a good bargain, we still feel that heading to a holiday would warrant that something extra to be enjoyable. And sadly that is not what Norwegian provided this time around, and based on our previous experiences, it is quite clear that some of their services I have gone downhill.

And when it is already 2019 and you still can’t get a cup of coffee during a flight because of the sales system not accepting cards that the majority uses.. well, that’s a definite reason for me to keep paying a bit more for our flights.