About The Queens



Two Queens at a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Hello everyone, and welcome to Two Queens Travel Blog!


We are a family of three; me, my spouse, and our little dog, and we currently live in the Republic of Ireland. I am originally from Finland, and am mostly in charge of writing about our travels around the globe. My Sayang, who is a wizard with camera, comes from Malaysia. And we met in Prague, almost ten years ago – rest is history in making.


Our passion is to travel, and as we both are


Just a simple bowl of olives to snack on whilst waiting for paella in Malaga

chefs, food. When we can combine these two passions in our lives, it usually is a bliss.  Also, as we both are ex-cabin crews, we are somewhat nuts about airplanes and air travel in general.

I started blogging (in a manual form in a Small Black Book) back in 2000, and it is my intention to bring all those old texts to be part of the Two Queens Travel Blog as well as document new journeys. The world has changed a lot since my first recorded entries, but our desire to enhance our trips, and those of other people, has not.

Our wish is also to make you interested in travelling to places which you might hold a preconceived idea, as we have noticed, over the years, that nothing holds you back from taking in a new destination as much as the thought: “It’s not for me, I don’t want to travel there as it is filled with tourists, I don’t see the point in travelling to a place where I am guaranteed to catch malaria” or something on those lines.


The Courtyard of the Burren Perfumery, Co. Clare, Ireland.

Not only have we travelled to other countries, but we both have lived in several. Like we mentioned before, we are currently residing in Ireland where we moved from Finland.


“Why did you move to Ireland from Finland?” is a question that we have heard many times since our move. It seems to amuse the locals that we chose Ireland over something warm, like Spain, but the answer is simple:
Ireland is simply gorgeous when it comes to changing landscapes – you can take a photo of the same spot throughout the day and get a different quality of light. Light here seems to transform the landscape all the time! And the lifestyle seems more relaxed than in the Nordics.

Did I mention that we are a family of three? We have a one year old Poodle Boy, who has


Our Poodle Boy

already travelled from his native Malaysia to Finland, and then to his new home here in Ireland. In between he did a road trip with us from Finland to Poland, during which he either slept on the back seat or sat on our lap watching the passing landscapes. Natural born traveller.

This is us. And you can expect to find more of all of this in our blog, Two Queens Travel Blog. You can comment on our posts, and you can also send us messages through the very handy contact the queens page. Whilst you are at it, you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and of course here in WordPress.