21.05.2019: Review – Hotel Carlos I


We booked this two star hotel in Torremolinos through Hotels.com as it was perhaps the most hassle-free way to find a place to stay in a convenient location. As with our flights, we try to concentrate longer bookings (as this was a week) into companies, such as Hotels.com, which gives you benefits from making the bookings.

The Review

The Hotel Carlos I did offer us a very pleasant stay indeed. Locationwise it wasn’t hard to find the place, as it is a 10 minute walking distance from the Torremolinos Train Station at Plaza Nogalera. As we had prepaid the hotel during the reservation process, the check-in process was quick and straightforward. The receptionist was very professional and friendly, offering us the needed information concerning our stay, and also giving us handy tips for the surrounding areas as well.

The hotel itself is quite big with 7 floors, and we were given a room on the topmost floor, from where the views were spectacular!

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The Room

The room itself was fairly big. Even with a mini-fridge, a writing desk, a double bed, chest of drawers, a couple of chairs, and a wardrobe the room didn’t feel crammed. Also, the room was clean and bright, which is always important to us. There wasn’t cleaning done every day, in fact the cleaning was done only once during our stay, but as we are not a family with children, it wasn’t needed as well.

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

The room didn’t have an air conditioning, but we had a tabletop fan, which proved to work just as well to keep the room cool for the night.

The balcony was wide enough to have a small table with two chairs there and it was partitioned from the next door balcony by a translucent partitioning. For me, the railing was a bit low, so I can understand some parents feeling a tad nervous for letting children into the balcony by themselves.

The Bathroom

Like the main room, the bathroom was spacious as well with a full-size bathtub, a sink, and the toilet bowl. Sadly there wasn’t a bidet, which would have been a grand thing to have.

To our amusement, there were some cleaning items (such as a brush and a mop) at the corner of the bathroom, but the brush proved to be a handy thing to have as there wasn’t cleaning performed every day; after a windy morning it was handy thing to have to brush extra sand from the balcony floor before going out to enjoy the morning sun.

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

The Verdict

Even though it is clear that the hotel is not new and posh, the atmosphere is nice and quaint. Service level is what you expect on a two-star hotel, but at the same time the spaciousness does surprise in a positive way. Rooms are non-smoking, but the balconies are not, and if you happen to have a smoker in the neighbouring room, prepare to get the second-hand smoke drifting through the open door into your room.

As mentioned before, we were not bothered by not having a cleaning done every day – and let’s be realist, who cleans their house every day or changes their bedlinens every day anyway.

And as the reception staff (everyone we met there) were friendly and informative, it just added to the experience, and we can really recommend Hotel Carlos I for anyone who travels to Torremolinos area.

If you have problems with mobility, there is a good chance that you can still get a room in here as there are rooms on the ground floor as well. There is, of course, a lift, but it felt a bit small, and if you have to use a wheelchair it might pose a problem if your room is located on the upper floors. So, when making a reservation, remember to mention about this kinds of special requirements.

We definitely enjoyed our week-long stay in Hotel Carlos I and would definitely stay there again the next time we are in the area!

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