17.05.2019: Antigua Casa de la Guardia – Taste the Málaga Wines

One of the places that is a must-see in Málaga is the Antigua Casa de la Guardia, on Calle Alameda Principal 18, which concentrates on selling the local Málaga wines. We have visited this place before, during our last trip to Málaga last year, and this time it was clear to us that we have to come here again.

Wines, wines, wines! (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

As we have been here before, the system is already familiar. But for those of you, who haven’t – there are not many tables, and no chairs, so prepare to stand around. You should try to get a spot by the counter, as it is fascinating to see the way the tabs are being kept here, and also, you can observe how the staff go about on filling the glasses of the thirsty locals and tourists.

Have a sip! (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

Although the prices are steep for the amount of wine you get, it is still more than the cost. This place is about the experience, and also about the tasting of local produce that you might not otherwise go and taste! Especially if you have to buy a whole bottle at one go.





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