16.05.2019: Flamenco @ Taberna Pepe Lopez


As it is the Eurovision week, we have a question for you all. What has more costume changes and more drama than the Eurovision Song Contest?

Well, a proper flamenco show of course! And this is just what we witnessed in the evening at Taberna Pepe Lopez! You get to read all about the show a bit late because my voice is hoarse from crying out olé so many times and from clapping my hands more effectively than Miss Nicole Kidman at the famous Oscar’s event.

The Venue

Enter The Taberna (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

According to the staff, the has been a flamenco performed here at Pepe Lopez since 1965, which makes the place a must see and experience.

The Taberna Pepe Lopez is conveniently located on Plaza de la Gamba Alegre, near the central shopping street of Calle San Miguel. On the Calle San Miguel you can find such places as Sabor a España, which we visited earlier.

Entry to the Taberna is by steep set of stairs with no wheelchair access, so unless you can walk stairs, this venue is out of your reach. I actually helped to carry a motorised wheelchair up the stairs for an elderly lady, who could do stairs but not walk much further.

The Show – Flamenco Dress Extravaganza

The showtime is at 10pm and the ticket, which costs a whopping 30€ per person includes a drink. At first I was slightly hesitant to purchase such expensive tickets, but after reading the reviews from the TripAdvisor I had a bit more confidence that the show might be more than to lure tourists in with a promise of a free glass of sangria. And luckily I did!!

The show itself is 2 hours long with a 12 minute interval for gathering yourself before the Grand Finale. And the level of artistry during the show makes you completely lose the track of time and the chairs you are sitting on.

The level of emotion carried by the live musical performances, some combined with the dancers’ movements is fantastic. I am still left at loss of words to describe all the feelings I felt during the show. The last time I felt this was when watching a theatrical play, The Quartet. The songs, the dances, were so intimate and moving.

The Verdict

If you come to Andalucia and have just one thing you want to experience, we recommend you spend the 30€ to see the flamenco at Taberna Pepe Lopez. We have experienced flamenco before at Malaga’s MIMMA, and that performance was also good, but nowhere near to this experience. The MIMMA show was like a trailer for this.

The chairs at the venue are not the best, but you are not there for the chairs. They don’t accept cards at the venue (if you want another drink during the show), so you need to carry some cash with you. But again, this is not the venue to come to drink yourself merry. Having just that one drink was enough for this Finnish Queen to melt his frozen tear ducts during some points of the show.

And yes, the goosebumps were not there because of the air conditioning but because of the show.

And as writing about this is difficult, we will let the flamenco speak for itself, enjoy.

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