15.05.2019: Sabor a España – Taste The Spain

Sabor a España (taste of Spain) is definitely one of the gems of Torremolinos that are hidden in plain sight. As the shop is located on the major shopping street it is easy to pass by as one of those shops that are just trying to rid the tourists from their money.

Jules interviewing the staff (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

We were practically ushered in by one of the staff after pouring a spoonful of delicious, but not overly sweet, toasted and caramelised sunflower seeds. And it turned out to be a good thing.The store is filled with sweets of many kinds, traditional to Malaga, Andalucia, and other parts of Spain as well. Some of the products, actually all the toasted and caramelised nuts and seeds for instance, they make there at the shop. For other things they have a small factory outside of Malaga, where the things are practically made by hands, using methods from the 1910’s.

They do have two other outlets, but as the shops are small in size and they produce some of the items there and then, it just adds to the experience.

One of the main selling points for us was the friendly, but not in-your-face customer service. As we both come from the field of customer service, we see that genuine friendliness as something that is really needed, especially in a speciality shop like Sabor a España.

The selection of products is not just limited to sweet things, but they also carry a small selection of Spanish produced, less known, alcohols. Coming from a country that has just recently learned that we can actually produce one of the best gins in the world, I find this kind of promotion delightful. It allows people to see a different side of Spain from the excellent red wine and sangria.

The Verdict

The products are good, handmade, and a tad more dear than from your next door supermarket. But the price difference is ok, as the products are of a local origin, and this way you are giving something back to the community instead of throwing your money to a multinational supermarket chain.

And with the slightly larger price you get a friendly customer service that makes you yearn for more. They really.know their trade.

So the next time you sre in Torremolinos, make sure to pop by Sabor a España. We definitely will.

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