15.05.2019: Snack at Rosco’s

Towards the evening we found this small cafe, which was again well hidden on the main streets of Torremolinos and decided to have some light snack before heading back to the hotel.

A light snack? (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

Rosco’s is a small cafe, where they serve basically the normal pastries that you can find all around the town, but what makes this spot just that little much better is the fact that they proudly support equality by advertising Pride events, and showing the rainbow colours inside the establishment.
I see this as an important aspect of a modern day culture, as it shows that equality is advancing and that the businesses, small and big alike, are willing to take a stand and make a statement.

So next time you are in Torremolinos, stop at Rosco’s and show your appreciation for them as they are showing it to you.

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