15.05.2019: Snooping around Torremolinos

It’s the second day here in Spain – and I have to say that I feel the stress slowly, very slowly, draining away. So slowly, in fact, that I sleep like a baby for over 11 hours whilst Jules starts to get ready. The initial plan was to head out to Malaga today, but as things came up and I had to work on my computer for a while, we changed dem plans, opting instead to roam about the village where we are currently staying at.

As this “village” is home to over 67 000 people, locals and tourists alike, there are things to see definitely. And, as we mentioned before, it seems that the LGBT friendliness is ingrained to the culture in Torremolinos so well that people don’t bat an eyelid seeing us walking down the street.

We have put up some nice tips (most of you know there already anyway), and made a few separate entries of some of the really interesting spots we visited!


As everywhere in the touristy areas, there are those shops that are built for tourists and then there are the hidden gems that you should go for.

For instance, yesterday we were trying to look for a tailor to alter clothing, and we actually did find one! And today we took the shirts to be altered and she charged 5 euros per shirt for the alteration and it would be ready tomorrow! And the place is just off the main shopping street.

If you haven’t been here before, one handy tip is to get your basic necessities from bigger shops like Mercadona where price of big bottles of water, for instance, is cheaper than on the corner stores. Plus the range of items is much bigger, obviously.

But, as we all want to save the planet for the next generation, leave the plastic bags in the store, and remember to carry your own multi-use bag with you to carry your shopping home.

One of the places you definitely should stop at is Sabor a España, a speciality shop for sweet things from around Spain.

And if you are interested in stones and other new age things, just opposite of Sabor a España is proper shop for your needs. The owner seems to be quite knowledgeable of what he sells, and can also impart some information that one wouldn’t expect…

Time For Lunch

Admist all the walking and shopping we do need sustenance and hydration! Like many other places along the Costa, there is a multitude of small cafe/bars that serve Menu del Día, menu of the day. This usually is a set menu with choices for your starter and mains, and it also comes with a glass of drink, and a dessert. Cost is around 6-8 euros per person. As the menu is a full meal, it also fills your tummy up quite nicely.

Some lunch, maybe? (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

We’d recommend you to check those places up that have locals inside eating. This is an age old trick to try to ensure that the quality of the food is good. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things or don’t be daunted if the menu is only in Spanish. These situations are the best to learn bits of the language and usually the waiters and waitresses are happy to use their English with you as well. Everyone benefits!


After our dinner at a local place (where the food was excellent even at 11 pm) we decided to walk a bit more and headed to the Plaza de la Nogalera where the guy scene is happening. But truth to be told, Tuesday night is perhaps not the best night to go out, as in many bars there weren’t that many people, really. We ended up at Aqua, nicely sitting outside, enjoying a table service for beverages, strong ones that is, before heading back home to have a good night’s sleep.

The Aqua by night. (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019

The Aqua was a nice experience, as there seemed to be a good mix of people around. There was proper music with videos (Beyonce, Madonna, etc) but at least when sitting outside it wasn’t overly loud. Drinks were slightly pricey (6€ for a G&T) but that is to be expected when going to a nightclub style of place.

The best thing I noticed was that there were definite non-gay couples as well, enjoying their drinks at the LGBT places. Really nice thing to see!

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