14.05.2019: First Impressions of Torremolinos

As our flight arrived early and we didn’t really feel like going all the way to Malaga with our bags, and as our hotel check-in time was relatively late, at 14.00 in the afternoon, we had some time to kill after arriving Torremolinos.

As we decided to sit down and have a much awaited coffee (thanks Norwegian), we had the perfect opportunity to observe the amount of people and street performers going about their daily lives. It actually seems that there is a good mix of tourists and locals around, giving Torremolinos an international feel without having that “built just for tourists” feel that one tends to get in some tourist hotspots.

One of the things that really strikes me after arriving to Torremolinos is the visibility of the LGBT community, at least around the Plaza de la Nogalera area. I have to say that neither of us actually expected to see rainbow flags displayed so openly, drag shows being advertised there and then, and so on. Even the city’s official tourist map prominently displays the LGBT district – albeit small but still it is there.

Another aspect of the culture that resonates with us is the fact that the elderly citizens seem to be very much a part of the community. They walk, usually not alone but with friends or carers, around with their walkers or whatnot, and all all dressed up really nice. Very prim and proper.

And also, later in the evening when we went for our paella we saw the children playing out and about even after 21:30 in the evening and the senior citizens were still there, enjoying the life of the place.

So maybe this is really all about the Sun, the Sea, and the Sangria after all?

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