10.03.2019 /3: Dinner Buffet at Tempo @ Tallink Express

As persons who don’t eat everything on the menu (mainly pork and its derivates), we are a tad sceptical when it comes to preordering a buffet. We did it already as part of our holiday package, as I thought it would be slightly cheaper at that time. Everybody knows how the hotel prices are, expensive.

To our surprise, the buffet dinner was actually the same price when purchased from the hotel!

The Restaurant Tempo

Even though the restaurant itself is quite open, there are still plenty of tables and even sofas to sit on and enjoy your dinner. We opted for an empty dining room as the other one was occupied by a group of guests, who were not of the most quiet kind.

Maybe it was because of the Sunday evening or maybe because people tend to dine in the city, but there was a very relaxed atmosphere and not too many people queuing up for the buffet.

The Dinner

The dinner then. As mentioned before, we don’t eat pork or basically anything coming from pork, which makes it a bit more difficult to pre-order something like this.

We were positively surprised as the mains included two options (pork and chicken), and a choice of rice or potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Albeit it was nothing spectacular and even if the chef lacked imagination for his dinner, the food was tasty and fulfilling!

The salad table contained your basic ingredients for a green salad, but also there were ready made and nicely presented Caesar salad, mozzarella salad, and Greek salad, which brought the salad offering to completely another level.

The buffet also includes water as a drink, and coffee & tea with dessert.

The Verdict

If you are comfortable with food that is more home-cooking style, then this buffet is a good thing to try. If you are more into culinatistic experiences, and have tried the basic cooking, then don’t waste your money on the buffet.

As the cost of the buffet is 16€/person, it can be steep, especially if you don’t eat everything, but we found that for this price we got our money’s worth.

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