10.03.2019 /2: Cappuccino At Nord Coffee At Nautica Shopping Center

We are positively surprised that Tallinn seems to be the odd bird out when it comes to hitching up the prices in the areas where the tourists go. Or it might also be misleading as nowadays we just hang out in the areas where the tourists go when we come to Tallinn.

We have seen the transformation of Nord Centrum, a small and quite outdated shopping centre, into Nautica Shopping Centre, where even a small corner lot cafe has been updated into a place where it is cosy to sit and sip a full cup of freshly brewed, good quality, and tasty cappuccino.

Some of the tables are your basic tables with chairs, but if you are lucky enough, you can sit down on a sofa with your loved one and watch the shoppers scurrying from a shop to the next one, whilst listening to a mixture of languages being spoken around you.

The big cappuccinos cost 3,50€ each, which to me is quite a standard price nowadays. If that seems steep, the cake slices were around the same price and the slices were proper sized ones.

Cappuccino with a rhubarb tart. Yum.

Also, the little corner cafe comes with their own information screen showing the next ferry departures.

The Verdict

As a tourist, you can expect to pay a premium in places anywhere where there are tourists. But comparing the prices in Tallinn and Helsinki it doesn’t feel a rip off, unlike in Helsinki. And as an added bonus, cakes and pies are cheaper too!

If you have a moment, stop for a cup of coffee at Nord Coffee. We do.

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