09.03.2019 /2: Evening Meal at the III Draakon

The III Draakon, a small mediaeval tavern located at the Old Town Square is a gem in itself, and our favourite haunt whenever we are in Tallinn. Apparently, according to the staff, there has been a tavern there ever since the town hall was built, so it would be hundreds of years. And maybe it is so! A piece of living history!

The entrance is easy to miss, but once you go inside, you immediately know that you are in the right place. The place is lit by candles and well hidden lights, creating a dark but cosy atmosphere, made even more authentic by the serving wenches wearing medieval costumes and using terms such as “moneys” and “magic cards” as terms of payments.

The range of foods is not much, and there is no menu to speak of. You can ask advice (recommended!) from the staff or decipher the images yourself, which might be a bit of a chore in the near darkness.

As we had been travelling from a land far away, we opted to fill our bellies with elk soup, oxen sausages, and cabbage pies, washing them down with heated wine to keep the wintry chill away from our weary bones.

And as we had forgotten to bring our spoons, yet again, we had to drink the soup straight from the bowl.

After the meal, it surely is wise to heed the commands of the staff and take your empty bowls to a collection point. The slightly tipsy Finns from the next table didn’t, and the staff practically chased them down and made them come back to clean the table. Serves them right, I say!

The Verdict

The III Draakon is a must for everyone visiting Tallinn and the Old Town. The atmosphere is something that I could imagine a medieval tavern would be.

Even the tables are small and the place tends to be crowded, and the queue is sometimes long, it doesn’t bother. There has never been a situation where we couldn’t find a place to sit down and enjoy the food and atmosphere.

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