09.03.2019 /1: To Tallinn

One of the good things of living in Finland is the favourite pastime of taking a cruise to one of the neighbouring countries. We could choose from Sweden and Estonia, and this time we chose the southern neighbour as we haven’t been there for the longest time.

We bought a cruise + hotel package for two nights and the cost was only 160€ for the two of us! I find it positively surprising that bought directly from tallinksilja.fi was actually much cheaper than purchasing the cruise and accommodation separately.

Arriving the West Terminal T2 (Länsiterminaali)

At the time of the writing (March 2019) it is advisable to either take a tram or have extra time to arrive with a car due to big amount of construction done in the area. This has an effect on the flow of the traffic even on the weekends.

Otherwise than that, arrival to the new T2 is pretty straightforward.

Checking-in procedures are nice and easy. Tallink offers the possibilities of On-line check-in, which was not available for us, self-service machine, and traditional check-in desk. We chose the last one as there just is something personal when you check yourself in with a person. Person, who smiles.

As we had a hotel trip booked, we also got our hotel sign-up forms and all vouchers we would need for the stay already at the check-in. It’s actually fantastic as the voyage from Helsinki to Tallinn takes two hours there is plenty of time to fill up the hotel check-in information rather than wait until we stand at the reception.

…well there of course is time to fill up the forms and have a glass of bubbly for the beginning of a miniature holiday.

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