23.06.2018 /2: The Imatrankoski Rapids

Ever since the late 18th Century Imatra and the Imatrankoski Rapids have been a place to visit. The visitors include numerous amounts of the so-called normal people, and also such famous visitors as Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, and Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil. But is it a mere coincidence? Because even in the Kalevala, the national epoch of Finland, the Vuoksi River is titled as the most powerful river in the whole Finland.

During their time, it was fashionable to come and gaze at the magnificence of the rapids, ponder upon them, and enjoy the peace and calm, whilst sitting in a purpose-built pavilion. If you wanted a more hands-on experience, you could go over the rapids in a basket hanging on a cable.

For the industrialisation’s sake, the rapids were blocked by a dam in 1929 to create hydroelectric power. The power from the dam actually powers the lights around the rapids nowadays, so people can still admire the area at all times of the day. And if you wish to witness the power of the rapids, you still can – however, not in the summer of 2018! In 2019, between Midsummer and mid-August, you can witness the event from Wednesday to Sunday. They also let the water run on New Year’s Day, 1st of May, Imatra day, and other public events. Please check the times here, or ask from the hotel’s reception staff for more information.

If you need something to fill up your bucket list, you can add things from the list of the National Landscapes of Finland there. And you already have one – Imatrankoski is on the list!

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