01.03.2018 /2: Churros @ Hermanos Florez Churrería

Churros! Nom! (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

One of the reasons we decided to pay a visit to areas surrounding Fuengirola was to try and find a British bar that we saw on a TV program. Have to say that luckily we didn’t find it. Instead we found this quaint churreria which is located just next to the Los Boliches train station!

As we were a bit peckish after walking against the wind by the beach, we decided to sit down as there was nice table free, and the place wasn’t overly crowded. See the video we made from the place here. Basically the video is about Jules speaking and me eating!

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

As it was a dessert time, we decided to have churros with hot chocolate, which basically means a pile of churros, and a cup of very thick chocolate where you dip the churros. This kind of dessert is definitely bad for your health, but – Goodness me – it tasted heavenly! It was sweet, but not overly sweet.


If you have not tasted a churro, you definitely should. Churros are an age-old food that can be eaten any time of the day. It is very popular to be eaten during breakfast, sprinkled with sugar and dipped into very thick hot chocolate (like we did, except it wasn’t as part of a breakfast). There seems to be a slight dispute where did the churros originate; was it something that was brought to Europe by the Portuguese seafarers from China, or was it invented in Spain by shepherds who missed their bread up in the mountains?


The Verdict

Our rating: **** 1/2

The rating above is based on extra good service, energetic staff, hot, made to order churros, and delicious hot chocolate! Prices are also very competitive despite the touristy location and the churreria is conveniently situated next to a train station, which means it is fairly good spot for parents to stop with their children for much needed sugary break before boarding the train for roughly 30 minutes train ride to Málaga.

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