28.02.2018 /4: Pepa y Pepe II

We had planned to arrive back to Málaga earlier (remember, we had a bus tickets booked at 18:00), but as our visit to the Alhambra’s famous Nasrid Palaces made us change plans, we arrived instead quite late (21:45) feeling hungry. After a brisk 30 minutes walk home from the bus station, we quickly freshened up and headed out to find some food! Good thing about Spain is that people tend to eat relatively late so restaurants, even at this time of year, stay open to late.

For some days now we have been planning to go test Pepa y Pepe II restaurant, as it is relatively close to our accommodation. There are actually two Pepa y Pepe restaurants in Málaga and apparently the one near our pad is not the original one. But foodwise, the quality seems to be as good in both the places.

We decided to test their tapas by ordering different portions and that is actually a much better idea than just stuffing ourselves full with one type of food. Even though the tapas is mostly meant to be a snack or something to have prior to your main meal, they can be combined to fill up your stomach as well. Besides, ordering several plates makes it a bit more social event as everyone at the table can share the food.

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After carefully scouring the tapas menu, we ended up with: Patatas con tres salsas, gambas pil-pil, pimientos verdes fritas, and pulpo fritas. The three sauces with the potatoes were Roquefort cheese sauce, hot sauce (the patatas bravas style), and garlic sauce.

The quality of the dishes was good, even though it was obvious that we were the kitchen’s last customers of the evening at 23:30, and the dishes arrived in a quick succession, which was also a nice thing – it allowed us to actually taste each dish on its own before moving onto the next one.

The only let-down, at least for us, were the potatoes. Having travelled a lot to the Canary Islands, I expected more than French fries. But my expectations might rely on the Canary potatoes, and I think that messes up my mind a bit when it comes to foods like patatas bravas. And obviously, if you went to a more high-end tapas restaurant, the potato experience might be completely different.

The Verdict

We give this restaurant a whopping **** based on the quality of the food, the quickness of the service, the quality of the service, and the price level.

The service didn’t seem to be rushed even though we entered quite late and it was obvious that we were the last customers for the kitchen. Also, the lateness didn’t affect the quality of the food, which was pleasant as well.

For us, there was plenty of seats to choose from, but come summertime the place might be packed with people.

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