27.02.2018 /1: Picasso Museum at Málaga


Museo Picasso Málaga (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

New busy day ahead being on holiday and all!

As we purchased the Red Bus tour, and got free entrances to several museums as part of the tour, we decided to try to utilise as many of the offers as possible. One of the museums we decided to pay a visit was the Museo Picasso Málaga, as it would have been almost a sacrilege not to – Picasso, after all, was a Malagueño!

As we knew that there would be plenty of art to see and we had also other museums in mind for today, we headed to Museo Picasso Málaga early in the morning. Well, early and early. But luckily we were there before 11.00 am as shortly afterwards the place started really to fill up with tourists.

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

I am not sure if the Audioguide is free with all the tickets, but it was so at least with our tour. And I am not complaining. As a total novice to Picasso’s work (apart from having seen some pictures in the Internet and all), it was very enlightening to listen to history of his works and the different time periods whilst actually standing there, and looking at the works. The permanent collection of the museum houses Picasso’s works from different eras in his life. As he hasn’t really been my favourite artist, the works still worked their magic on me during the tour. Maybe it was the Audioguide that helped us better understand the complexity and artistry behind his work?

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

For obvious reasons, photography inside the museum was not encouraged, so we left the cameras in peace and concentrated on the art.

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018


All in all the Museo Picasso Málaga was worth the time. In retrospect, I feel I would have missed out on something important and inspiring had we opted not to visit the place. Even though I am not into Picasso’s works so much as I prefer the Old Masters, it was an eye-opening experience.

Would I have gone there if I had to pay for the visit? Most likely not. And that would have been a shame, as this is one of the must-see places in Málaga.

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