25.02.2018 /2: Transit in Munich


Munich Airport (C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

The hip and modern people sit nicely down, and play with their phones and tablets whilst waiting for their next flight. As part of this modern culture, so do we. It definitely creates an atmosphere that we are actually busy business people. If they just knew!

But instead of just wasting our time, we scour the Internet (and Facebook) for tidbits of useful information to pass the time. Without this transit, the wonderful story of Barbara and her delicious rhubarb pie would probably have stayed lost to us – and to you! Check it out, and learn German whilst at it!

Spending a bit of time at Munich airport is ok. I like the airport, at least the area where we are. It is light, spacious, and airy (and somewhere there is definitely a door open as I can feel a cold draft!), and even when here was lots of people queuing up to a gate, it didn’t feel too crowded!

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

But all this space must come with a price – we went for a cup of coffee and pretzels and end up paying a staggering 14 euros for that! High prices are expected as this is an airport, but roughly 4,50€ for a cup of coffee is something that is way too much in my opinion!

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

But the airport has done it quite nicely – there are conveniently placed Nespresso points around the place (I am not sure if they are provided by the airport or by Lufthansa) and a cup of coffee there costs only 2€. However, if you are against coffee pods, then this might not be the first choice for you.

After getting past the cost of the pretzel, I take a bite of it, prepared to munch and enjoy every single bit of it, and it is heavenly! Freshly baked and buttered, it is something to try. My annoyment for the heavy cost passes away with every bite.

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