25.02.2018 /1: Off to Málaga!

The Need For Two Alarms? (C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

Believe you me, there is nothing more fun than waking up to your alarm clock at 2:50 in the morning (morning? It’s in the middle of the night!) and getting ready to go for a holiday! If it wasn’t for a holiday, would you get up this early?

It’s a good thing that we seem to finally have learned to pack everything on the previous evening (even though it meant getting into bed at 23:00…) so that I can actually enjoy my cup of lemon water peacefully! Lemon water is something that we have picked up from somewhere, and now it is a necessary part of our daily morning routine. And apparently a healthy habit too. We totally recommend!

(C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

But really. With my cup of lemon water my mind is already in the slight logistics hassle: when the temperature outside is -15°C and you are heading to +15°C… what are you going to do with your winter clothing – problem solved: wear spring coat (and feel like freezing when the bus is delayed by 5 minutes). Just a quick tip for you people out there facing the similar weather conditions and public transport: if your Father asks, should he give you a lift to airport with a warm car, accept the offer!

But finally, after a short bus ride (here in Helsinki area we actually have a bus connection that runs 24 hours a day) we arrive to Helsinki Airport all safe and sound and without a sign of hypothermia!

Time To Fly! (C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

We have started to concentrate our flights on Lufthansa to collect more miles from one air carrier (and Star Alliance), and as they seem to have pretty good connections from Helsinki, Finland to the destinations we currently need. And as this year seems to have increased need of flying around Europe for both of us, it seems to pay off.
But for some reason, this time, when checking in at home, we are still made to queue up to Lufthansa check-in (baggage drop?) desk, where you can then drop off your bags and get new boarding passes printed out! Paperless flying in 2018?

But after that hassle of queuing up at the check-in, (remember to be early at the airport, especially at holiday season!), we finally make it through the security and head to the gate to anxiously wait our boarding time.


Suomi – Finland 100 years

Finland gained its independence at 1917 during the tumultuous time of the First World War, when the Soviet Union was formed. I have always wondered how it was possible… did a Finnish emissary just pop by somewhere in Moscow and say “By the way guys… if it isn’t a problem, we just want to be independent. Thanks.” and that was it. Apparently the official history was a bit more complicated than that. But there seems to have been a promise by Lenin, who hid in Finland earlier on, that actually granted Finland the independence.

Whilst going to a pre-boarding toilet, I manage to get a snapshot of Finland 100 art exhibition, portraying those women who served during the Second World War in the front lines. It’s a fantastic piece of Finnish history! (And in the first picture there is a website address of the photographer, Ms Johanna Kare.)


Shortly afterwards it is time for boarding, and as it is holiday season and the flight is fully booked, we get our hand luggage put into the cargo, which makes it just so much easier to travel. But I have to say that next time I will book Business Class seats – just to get to the plane first and not to be squished between people!


In-Flight Entertainment

Silent Cabin (C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

Flying out from Finland on winter mornings especially, or actually at any time of the year when it is sunrise, is pretty magical to me. It tends to turn the darkened cabin of an aircraft to life with the colours seeping from the windows. And the light. It is just so bright.

There is a reason why the cabin crew tell the passengers to close the window blinds on a night flights…

During this time I just love to snap photos through the window. Of course most of them don’t really succeed, but at least I can share the beautiful colours of the Finnish morning skies.

(C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

Ever since I was a wee kid, I have had a knack of falling asleep anywhere, and the steady hum of the aircraft is no different. As fast as I have finished my morning breakfast snack on board, I just close my eyes for a few moments…

…and wake up when we were starting our landing towards Munich. Luckily it wasn’t too late to get some more photos – including few of the majestic Alps!

(C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2018

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