Day 5: Warsaw, Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania

One thing that we have seen a few times already over this trip is that cities and towns look completely different during day and evening! Daytime reveals more colours and details from the buildings, but when it’s dark there usually is more artificial lights making the places magical in a very different way. And Warsaw isn’t exception to this rule. If there is something different, it is the grandness of the buildings that wasn’t exactly clear during our drive and walk last evening! Any city with such big buildings that can’t properly fit one photo reserves our respect!

When we wake up, the sky is a bit overcast but that isn’t something that would deter us! Then we have to take our little Mika for his morning walkies and can feel the biting cold again, and also some flurries in the air. After getting back inside and taking a look out of the window, we are surprised! The flurries that we felt a moment earlier have changed to full-fletched snowstorm! In just a matter of minutes the rooftops and ground is covered in a white layer, whilst the snowfall is so heavy that buildings further away are completely hidden from view!

Snowstorm and then not. (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

Whilst the sudden blizzard rages on outdoors, we pack the last remaining things back to our bags and head towards the car. Bracing ourselves for the wintery onslaught, we open the door to the yard – and no more snow from the sky! And sadly the snow on the ground is all wet and slushy. But at least it’s snow! Later on it turns to mucky water that sprays all over!

As we have seen Warsaw only during the dark hours, we again decide to make a tourist round around the area, and head on towards the same place where we did go during the evening. During the drive towards the square, we pass again the national theatre, which really is that big that I have difficulties to make it fit in a photo!

The National Theatre, Warsaw. (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

When we drive to the same place we went yesterday, I am surprised how different the square before the Royal Castle looks! And there is scaffolding on the castle! After the short sightseeing, it is actually time to enter the next address in our GPS, pop to a local bakery whilst the ever-friendly GPS lady tells us to turn left at the next junction, and off we go!

The Old Town In Daylight (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

Following the GPS Lady and her voice, we make a few turns, and then it is time to head out of Warsaw.

(C)Two Queens Travel Blog 2017


From Warsaw to Vilnius – Roadworks Continue

In theory… (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

On the map, yet again, the distances don’t look too bad: “It’s only 6 hour drive – we can manage that!” Yes, that is manageable, especially if there aren’t any road works that will add more time to the drive!

During the drive, at times our GPS Lady informs us that there are no routes at all, and that we are driving in the fields – – as they are currently rerouting all the cars to small, makeshift roads as the new major motorway isn’t yet operational. And that brings us to another, very important issue. It is something that you have to think of, when planning a road trip:

always keep in mind that if there are huge roadworks, there might not be “the next” service station. So keep your fuel talk filled up!

Luckily for us, we are left with about 50km worth of fuel when we see a service station by the roadside, and we are not the only ones stopping there. The yard is packed with cars, lorries, and trucks, and more seem to come in as a constant flow.

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

And it actually takes us closer to 9 hours to reach our next destination, and we are completely knackered! And to make the drive even a bit more challenging, it starts to snow – those big snowflakes that turn lights in front of the car just a white wall! And this kind of wet snow is not the best thing for a car that has radars and sensors going on – they will get blocked by the snow that sticks on them! So, at times we had to stop and just clean the sensors before continuing.

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m not that tired! (C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2017

But in the end we arrive, all safe and sound, to Vilnius, capital of Lithuania! Our hosts are nice and admit that they were a bit worried when we were delayed. But as soon as we arrive, they take us through the basic information and show us a private car park where our Toyota can also rest safely for the night.

As the drive was long, we have to simply ditch the plan of heading into town. Instead, Mika gets to check out the new areas, and then we all head inside, have a cup of tea (except Mika), and we fall asleep.

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