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Spaniards, at least on the Costa del Sol area seem to love their pets as much as their children. It is not an uncommon sight to see children – and pets – sitting with their families late in the evening having dinner outside in the multiple restaurants. At the same time it seems to be […]

When thinking of relocating to another country, there are some serious considerations to do before packing your whole life to five suitcases and heading towards the nearest airport. We, the Two Queens, have decided to put up a short series of posts, so that you might avoid some of the pitfalls that might send you […]

Early summer is here, and what better time to explore areas near you instead of travelling to here, there, and everywhere. Sometimes it is actually very rewarding to just pick up a place near you and head out to get to know your home town much better. I spent many years in the Håkansböle Manor […]

⭐⭐⭐ Pensión El Portillo is located conveniently near the Mezquita-Catedral, one of the major tourist hotspots in Córdoba, in the old town. The alleys around the area are small and winding, thus making the place peaceful and quiet, even though there is a road just nearby (with bus routes). When we made the booking via […]

It is time to say adios to the Costa del Sol and head inland, to the historic city of Córdoba, a city which has stood there on the banks of river Guadalquivir at least since 8th Century BC. Slightly longer than, let’s say, Helsinki for instance. At first we planned to take a bus from Málaga, […]

⭐⭐⭐ We booked this two star hotel in Torremolinos through Hotels.com as it was perhaps the most hassle-free way to find a place to stay in a convenient location. As with our flights, we try to concentrate longer bookings (as this was a week) into companies, such as Hotels.com, which gives you benefits from making […]

Guess what. We rented a car and that means we are off to adventures! And first stop, historical Ronda! Ronda has been a town ever since the Roman times. It was in the 1st Century BC when Julius Caesar gave the town rights to Acinipo, a town that later became known as Ronda. The ruins […]

(C) Two Queens Travel Blog 2019 If you are in Spain, on the Costa del Sol, it is almost mandatory to be on the beach at some point. Some people spend the whole holiday on the beaches here, and it is no wonder! They used to have the Blue Flag standard on about every beach […]

The Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga is definitely one of the most well known landmarks of Málaga, so of course we had to pay a visit to it. And I really mean pay as the entrance to the cathedral itself costs 6€ and if you, like us, want to stretch your leg muscles and […]