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What Is The Two Queens Travel Blog And How Did It Start?

The Two Queens Travel Blog website begun because of our love for travel, food, and experiences in mind. From these ideas and interests, the site itself took form. It started as a blog for our trips, to inspire others to venture out there, into new countries and new places.

What Can I Expect To Find At The Two Queens Travel Blog?

The topic “Travels” in the menu takes you to see the trips we have made (previously we showed them also in the front page, but things got messy in here). Just hover over the topic and you’ll see a list of places we have been to.

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Next topic in the top menu is “Food”as we see food as one of the very important aspects, or add-ons to any good trip. There is simply no way one can travel to new places and not taste the local cuisine! It’s like travelling to Spain without tasting the paella or tapas. 

A good experience with food can be as simple as a relaxing cup of tea in London, or something as exquisite as a home-cooked meal in a Malaysian village.

When it comes to “Experiences”, which is the third topic up there, this is something

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special. Underneath there are reviews, tips on safety, and so on. Everything to make your trip to be a bit more special.

As we both are former Cabin Crew, and our skills and experiences govern many other occupations as well, you can be sure that this section is something to check out for regularly.

It so happens that the first posts ever on the Two Queens Travel Blog were about travelling safely, so one could say that this is where it all begun.

Our newest addition to the Two Queens Travel Blog site is the “Living Abroad” section. This will, in time, include tips and stories for relocating to other countries, specific details on how to start your day-to-day life in new surroundings, and also other things to take in account when planning such a life-altering move.

Is something missing or gone terribly wrong at our site? Don’t hesitate to contact The Queens at our contact page. Putting an email address here would incur so much spam that we cannot take a risk that we would lose your important email within them. So, fill up the form and let us hear from you!